17 May 2011

True Statement

So it's no secret that being here is tough, and being here this week is tougher than most because this week we're all hands-on learning things like how to drive huge vehicles, perform vehicle maintenance and run around blowing crap up. Yes, I am doing FINE. In fact, I'm doing bettr than fine. I can show up the guys no problem on a lot of this stuff. But still I keep hearing horrible comments.

Today we were learning to change tires...one of the guys said out loud in a large group that "Maj Barber won't be able to loosen that lug nut because it's jst on there too tight." Yeah, screw you dude...I loosened two of them just to prove you wrong.

This morning I drove the MRAP (huge vehicle) for the first time. I got out of there and one of my favorite guys said to me "Ma'am, you did better than I thought you would have. I thought you'd be all scared." Yeah, screw you. I'm not afraid of a vehicle that will save my life.

So thank God for a few important people in my life. One of them just spent 30 minutes pulling me out of the rafters...so glad he's back in my life. And the second is my husband. Worst day in ages, and here's Rob's Gmail status message:

"My sweetie is a badass."

Hell yeah.

15 May 2011

All the future holds

I snuck away this weekend to an undisclosed location and did a ton of girly stuff...facial, wine, amazing food, sleep, coffee, pedicure, haircut. I feel human again, which is a good thing.

I also talked to the guy I am replacing in Afghanistan. He's in the Indiana Air National Guard. He leaves for home this week and the job will be vacant for about a month before I get there. I asked him to start sending me a ton of emails about what's going on there, and today's email included one of my first projects in Afghanistan.

We're building the first all-female security squad in the Afghan National Army...1 female officer, 9 female NCOs and 10 young female soldiers. Twenty more women making a huge difference in a place that, well, could probably use a bit of a female touch.

If you want to know more about the NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (which is who I will work for), you can read here: http://ntm-a.com/wordpress2/

Another amazing day. This coming week is vehicle training. Can't wait.