17 June 2011

The times they are a changin'

Wow. I have a lot to write about, and probably 10 minutes or less in which to do it, which means that I will have to pick this back up in another day or so.

Quick synopsis of the past week or so...I've fired all kinds of weapons. I've learned how to protect myself and my team against the threats that are most prevalent on the roads of Afghanistan (but I'll spare you the details on that because there is no need to be alarmed.)

I have less than a week left of training. I will graduate from here next Friday early afternoon and by Sunday night I will be on a bus to Houston. Monday I fly out of Houston to BWI. Monday night I fly to somewhere in Germany (location still unknown) and by the last few days of June I will be officially deployed.

I've spent 12 hours a day for the past two days in a truck with three guys. We had an absolute blast, which was not something I expected. They have me talking like them (very bad) and saying "that's what she said" jokes (which is also bad.) But I've also learned so much from them...about how to stay safe, what to expect, and what my new life might be like when I get out there. I am very thankful for having the best truck crew in the world. I'll post a picture of all of us later. We call ourselves Bad Company.

For now I have to go drink coffee (which I haven't done in more than a week) and I have to get in a car to meet an old friend. I say have to, but I should say get to. I cannot wait.

And I owe a real blog post. I have one cooking in my head...and I will get to it soon!

14 June 2011

I can't keep up

I owe a blog post. I get that. Last week we fired heavy weapons all week and did a lot of other things I can't remember because I didn't eat or sleep. I have lots of stories, but this is another insane week here. Today we're learning about IEDs (not good). Then tomorrow we practice mounted combat patrols (which means we go into a vehicle simulator and pretend we are driving through the roads of Afghanistan responding to threats in our vehicles). Then we have lots more training this week before a two day (thank GOD weekend!)

I will do everything I can to get a post up tomorrow or in the next few days, but I can't make promises...and I guess that's how it might be when I get there, too. I haven't checked my email for days. And I can't get to a computer most of the time.

But...I am LOVING life here. And I feel night and day more safe than when I got here. So progress is wonderful, whatever the form!